London, 17 June 2015.- Smartmatic Taiwan was recently awarded an ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification as well as an ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification.
These certifications are important to businesses as they reflect commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction, and a compromise to continuous improvement.
Because ISO certifications are known worldwide, they can become a key marketing tool and an element of differentiation. Besides guaranteeing better products, they could actually open new business opportunities.
ISO 9001 is an internationally recognised quality management set of standards. More than an assessment of a product or set of products, it comprises a methodology based on standards to follow in order to achieve consistent results, implement efficient working practices, and align procedures with corporate objectives.
ISO 9001 will help Smartmatic’s Taiwan staff in day-to-day operations as they work to improve consistency of products and services and increase customer satisfaction.
ISO 14001:2004 provides a framework to follow in order to set up an efficient and responsible environmental management system.
Following ISO 14001 will help management and employees know that any possible environmental impact is being closely monitored and improved.