Identity fraud losses grew to $56 billion in 2021

We invest in technology to stop it.

Airborne pollutants are the greatest health threat in urban settings

We invest in technology to reduce it.

Transparency and auditability build trust in elections

We create and deploy technology that delivers on the promise.

SGO is committed to a better world

Enabling Governments and Empowering People in the Digital Age

SGO is an investor group that finds and funds innovative companies that demonstrate long-term promise in areas that enhance lives. SGO focuses on the intersection between government and society, proactively supporting the development of technology driven solutions with the potential to solve some of the pressing issues of our time. The types of ventures that SGO supports can be grouped into three main themes.

Democracy and Participation

Smartmatic technology supports fair and transparent elections and encourages voter turnout.

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Identity and Privacy

Issues around privacy and identity are becoming central to human-human and human-government relationships.

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Climate tech and clean air

Air pollution in many cities around the world is now at levels that poses significant risk to citizens’ health.

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