New York City, 14 October 2015.-  With US voting technology nearing the end of its life-cycle, journalists, elections commissions and experts in the field are considering the different options the US has in order to update its aging voting equipment.

Award-winning journalist John Breeden recently wrote the article “Why America Needs New Voting Technology” in which he presents some extracts from a conversation he had with Smartmatic’s CEO, Antonio Mugica at the 2015 Founders Forum for Good in New York City.

Commenting on election technology, Antonio stated: "the technology exists to ensure that election results are completely accurate, auditable and verifiable". Antonio also shared some interesting insights about internet voting and how to make it work.

As Breeden points out in the article, Smartmatic’s technology is trusted because the source code that runs all of the voting machines is disclosed to all interested parties prior to the election. Not everyone gets to see and contribute to the code, so it’s not open source, but election officials and representatives from all the major political parties are able to go over it in detail to ensure no vote flipping routines or program errors exist.

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