Digital identity is an idea whose time has come and the technology to power it and secure it is already here in the form of Folio.

Just like a normal wallet, Folio stores everything you need in one place. That doesn’t just mean your credit and debit cards, but also your ID, store loyalty cards and any other important documents, too. That means the originals can stay safe at home.
Setting it up is simple. Take a selfie and a photo of your ID. (This can be your driver’s license, passport or national ID card.) The app uses its real-time checks to verify that it’s you. Then use the app to snap photos of the items you want aikdd to Folio. That’s it. You can use Folio to pay online, prove your age, or claim those crucial loyalty points at your favourite coffee shop or retail store.
If your debit card is lost or stolen, crooks can use it easily with contactless technology. Sorting it all out and saving your credit is a huge hassle. Getting into Folio is a whole different matter. If somebody finds your phone and somehow manages to unlock it, your valuable information is still safe.
Folio creates a biometric key from your selfie, but with far more comparison points and details than the facial recognition phones use. It also uses encryption to protect all your data that only you can access. It doesn’t get much safer than that.
Losing your wallet or card is frustrating and time consuming to fix: Calling your bank, cancelling your cards, waiting for replacements. That’s not a problem if you lose your Folio-enabled phone. Folio allows you to backup all the app’s data in case it goes AWOL. As soon as you get a new phone you can safely restore your data in seconds from a secure backup.
In the age of coronavirus, handling cash can be hazardous to your health. Think about how many people have handled that money before you. Yep, cash is filthy. There’s never been a better time to go cashless.
Things like Apple Pay and Android Pay mean you only touch your phone to buy stuff. Folio lets you pay cashless and avoid handing cashiers and clerks ID cards, rewards cards and other documents. That helps keep you safe.
Digital alternatives to traditional documentation are being widely accepted by businesses and governments around the world. Fewer and fewer people own printers and scanners, and fax machines are essentially dinosaurs used only by a few industries. Folio’s share function allows you to securely share documents and data with only who you choose and trust 100% – and only they ever see it. What’s more, it’s all done with a single tap. Folio is free to use on both iOS and Android. Find out more at
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