John BercowLondon, 26 January 2015.- On January 26, the Commission on Digital Democracy published its report Open Up, which offered recommendations on the use of digital technologies to make the Parliament more transparent, inclusive, and more prepared to engage citizens with democracy.

The option of online voting in the 2020 general election was one of the many conclusions proposed by the Commission headed by the House of Commons Speaker and member of the Commission on Digital Democracy John Bercow.

In a conversation with BBC Radio 4’s, Bercow observed that there is a growing appetite for online voting and 2020 “could be the first election in which people have the opportunity – they’re not under any obligation – to vote online.”

"In a year where we reflect on our long democratic heritage, it is imperative that we look also to the future and how we can modernise our democracy to meet the changing needs of modern society", commented Bercow.

The Commission on Digital Democracy investigates the opportunities digital technology can bring for parliamentary democracy in the UK.

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