London, 26 February 2015.-  "The reason to bring technology into the election process is to increase integrity and security, but it has a series of important collateral benefits." That’s what Antonio Mugica, Smartmatic’s CEO, said to Alex Hern, technology reporter for The Guardian, who wrote an article analyzing whether or not Britain should embrace electronic voting.
Antonio explained that besides bringing significant cost reductions, electronic voting would also increase "security and integrity would be 10 to a hundredfold better." Also, with e-voting auditability would be guaranteed, as Smartmatic recommends "to perform 17 different audits, before, during and after the election."
Meanwhile, Michael Summers, also from Smartmatic, talked about online voting and the Estonian Internet voting experience. With a committed vision, backing of the political parties, technological support from ICT experts, and strong leadership from the National Electoral Committee (VVK), this nation -the most connected in the world-, has been able to guarantee that a vote cannot be given away, stolen or forced.
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