“Revolutionising the ballot box” is the title of a report by Financial Times Technology Editor Ravi Mattu on the rise of electronic voting and the current state of election administration in the UK.

In this video footage Antonio Mugica, CEO of Smartmatic, expressed the reasons why he advocates in favor of election technology: “We’re talking to more than fifty countries at the moment and we’re analysing their manual elections and the problems they have, and you can see this huge issues with tampering with manual elections. When you add technology to elections, you actually make them more robust.”

Having counted over 2.3 billion votes in automated elections around the world, Mugica believes technology to be the best antidote to election fraud and human error.

Graham Allen, a Member of the UK Parliament who is promoting the modernization of the UK election system, is confident that technology has the power to increase turnout and avoid voter suppression.

Referring to the current state of election administrations and politics in the UK he said: “I believe it needs a big shake up. And one of the ways you can blow some fresh air in is with electronic voting.”

Contrasting to these optimistic views on election technology, the video also examines the views of those opposing electronic voting.