Last week, US President Barack Obama called leaders of the tech industry to develop Internet voting technology to foster participation.

Speaking at the Cultural SXSW event in Austin, Texas, he stated: "I think it’s important for a group like this [technology experts], as we come up to an election, regardless of your party affiliation, to think about how do we redesign our systems so that we don’t have 50% or 55% voter participation on presidential elections. And during off-year congressional elections, you’ve got 39% or 40% voting,"

As CEO for the world’s leading elections company, Mugica responded quickly to this statement in a press release distributed to US media outlets. Commenting on the President’s remarks, he said: “President Obama’s call was surprising in only one respect—that it caused a stir. In a world where we can buy a house, take a degree course and access government services online, it does not make sense that elections don’t use tried and tested technology. I agree with the President. The future of democracy is digital.”

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