London, 2 December 2015.- A few days ago, GlobeScan Chairman Doug Miller sat with SGO Chairman Lord Mark Malloch-Brown for an interview.

The conversation covered an array of interesting topics, such as the pressures and challenges facing global business leaders nowadays and the importance of resiliency in developing sustainable business models.

Lord Mark Malloch-Brown also shared his thoughts on how markets have become more complex, and how the real impact of technology on business is just beginning to be felt. He recommends practicing deep listening and strategic planning to help business to “stay on their toes.”

"At SGO, one of our most interesting traits is that all of our software programmers live not in the ivory towers of Silicon Valley or Cambridge, or even Shoreditch, but in developing countries. We have programmers in Estonia, Belarus, Venezuela, and Panama; and they experience the problems of citizens in those countries. This gives them a sort of relevant inventiveness that the traditional Western company doesn’t get".

Expanding on this idea, Malloch-Brown said: “It’s one thing to be a Western company that tries to listen but what’s attractive is if you’re lucky enough to be a developing country company – because it’s in your DNA – those are your neighborhoods that you’re designing products for”.

We invite you to read the whole interview here