In July this year, the Sunday Times reported on a study by Emissions Analytics of 11 vehicles that revealed some small cars like the VW Polo and Ford Fiesta are the most likely to act as traps for toxins. The larger, more expensive Mercedes E-Class, it found, removed 90% of toxic particles, even in heavy traffic. A test by a BBC reporter in 2016 also showed that his own car did a good job of stripping the air entering the cabin of particulate matter.

However, no car’s filters can remove nitrogen dioxide gas from the air, according to Gareth Jones, Commercial Director of Airlabs, a British and Danish start-up that specialises in cleaning air; not even Teslas, with their large HEPA filters and “Bioweapon Defense” mode. That means that even if you and your family are travelling around in a pure-electric car, with zero tailpipe emissions, you’re all still breathing in the toxic gases from the other vehicles around you.
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